FAQs for students

Frequently Asked Questions for Students:

Working Remotely and Modifying Methods of Instruction at SRJC

This FAQ was developed by the SRJC Coronavirus Taskforce in collaboration with Faculty Leadership Council (AFA [the faculty union], Academic Senate & Department Chairs), California Federation of Teachers, Classified leadership (SEIU, [the union for classified staff]; & Classified Senate), Management team and Student leadership (SGA).

*This is an ongoing situation and portions of these FAQs will be updated as circumstances change.

District information

  1. How does the Governor’s “shelter in place” order affect SRJC?
    1. Instruction, student services and district services will resume on Monday, March 30, using modified methods.
    2. We do not yet know how long we will be operating in this remote format. This situation is constantly evolving and we are preparing to continue in this manner throughout the spring semester and possibly beyond.  
  2. Are events being canceled?
    1. All college events are canceled through Thursday, May 21.
    2. We are currently looking at the schedule of events beyond May 21, including Commencement, and are considering alternatives for such major events. We will provide more information as it becomes available.
  3. Will the summer semester continue as originally planned?
    1. We are currently focusing on supporting all SRJC faculty and staff in moving instruction and services to remote platforms for spring 2020 and do not yet know how long this crisis will continue. Once we are past the initial transition period, we will begin looking to the future.

Student information

1. How will students complete classes and how will they be kept informed?

    1. Instruction will resume in remote formats beginning on Monday, March 30. Faculty members will provide continuity of learning and of student services through modified methods, which will include a variety of strategies and formats. Faculty members, Department Chairs, the Academic Senate, Academic Affairs, and the All Faculty Association (AFA) are working together to identify options and assist thefaculty in making this transition.
    2. Instructors will communicate with their students to provide information specific to their classes.  
  1. Will students be allowed to drop courses and receive refunds if they aren’t able to continue their studies this semester?
    1. The state Chancellor’s Office confirmed that students will be allowed to drop/withdraw from classes due to the current situation. These students will be required to submit this online petition in order to drop classes without a “W” and to receive an enrollment fee refund. Students receiving financial aid should consult with the financial aid office to understand implications to their student aid before dropping a course.
  2. Will students have the option to change from a letter grade to a pass/no pass option for this semester?
    1. The state Chancellor’s Office is exploring a pass/no pass option. Guidance was provided too late to be included with this version of the FAQs, but will provided next week. To protect students who plan to transfer to four-year universities, we are awaiting confirmation that the CSUs and UCs will accept this option for all transferable courses.
    2. In the event that the college adopts a pass/no pass option, students will still be able to opt to receive a letter grade.We recommend that anyone considering this option consult their counselor to ensure this change won’t have other unintended consequences to academic progress.
  3. Is summer/fall 2020 priority registration changing?
    1. SRJC will move the start date for summer/fall priority registration to May 4. You can see the updated priority registration dates at this link.


  1. When will the summer/fall class schedule become available?
    1. The release of the summer/fall class schedule is delayed until April 16. You will find the latest updates at this link.
  1. Are student employees required to work?
    1. Yes, but only if they can do so remotely. The district is committed to paying student wages for the time they were scheduled to work through April 7, regardless of their ability to work in a remote environment. 
  1. Where can students find resources for learning, teaching and working remotely?
    1. Note that faculty members are making different choices about the remote methods they will use to complete the semester. While many will use Canvas and other common online teaching methods, many will choose instead to provide instruction and student services, send assignments, and collect student work in other ways—for example, email, phone conferences, and in some cases through the US Postal Service. Faculty decisions depend on a number of factors, including the subject matter of the course, whether faculty members have technological resources at home, and students’ access to and comfort with technology and the Internet. Much of the information cited in “b” through “e” below pertains primarily to Canvas and other online teaching methods.
    1. Students can find information about remote resources at santarosa.edu/srjc-remote-resources.
    2. Remote online student services will become available starting Monday, March 30.
      Students who would like to access online student services can visit onlinestudentservices.santarosa.edu.
    1. The Welcome and Connect Center is remotely open and staff members are working online to help students get connected with remote learning technology. Students can text 888-343-4038 or email firstyearsuccesscoach@santarosa.edu to ask questions or set up a virtual appointment.
    2. Admissions and Records will be holding weekday morning Facebook live chats beginning Monday, March 30, 9:00am where students can ask questions and receive additional guidance. Visit the SRJC Facebook page for more information.

    8.  Are students allowed on campus during the shelter in place order?

  1. Students are directed to remain off campus unless they need to access the Redwood Empire Food Bank distributions, which are open to all, including students, employees and community members. The next upcoming distributions will be Thursday, April 9 and Thursday, April 23, 9:00am-10:30am in Burbank Circle on the Santa Rosa campus.    
  2. We are currently working with the office of Student Life and Engagement to coordinate opportunities for students to pick up any personal items they have on campus. We will provide more information when it becomes available.


  1. What if students need laptops to continue their education this semester?
    1. Students interested in participating in the laptop loan program should complete this form. We are doing our best to acquire enough laptops for all students who need one, but supplies may be limited.
  2. How will students be able to access Microsoft Software to work from remotely?
    1. Any student who is currently enrolled at SRJC is eligible to sign up for a free Bear Cub Office365 account, which will provide access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft tools. For instructions on how to sign up, please visit this link.
  3. Are there any resources available for students who do not have internet at home?
    1. We have compiled a list of free or affordable internet available to students, which you can find here.


  1. Where can students find a quiet place to do homework with internet access?
    1. BeginningMonday, March 30, we will be allowing student to park in the Zumwalt parking pavilion between 9:00am and 6:00pm in order to utilize the district’s Wi-Fi network. For safety reasons, students will not be allowed in the pavilion after 6 pm and will be required to leave. We ask that any student coming to campus for this purpose remain in their car and not park directly next to other cars. There should be at least two parking stalls in between cars. This is a pilot program and is subject to change.
    2. For best Wi-Fi reception, we recommend that students park in the second or third floor towards the west side of the parking structure (facing the football field).
    3. Please be aware that that the parking structure is under video surveillance and that restrooms and other facilities will not be available on campus.
  2. Will there be emergency funding available to students who need it to continue with their education?
    1. The SRJC Foundation has established the SRJC Crisis Response Fund, which will make funding available to students who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus situation in our community.
    2. Any students who would like to learn more about the fund eligibility criteria should contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@santarosa.edu.
    3. Students can access the application at this link.


Coronavirus information

  1. What should I do if I believe I may have come into direct contact with coronavirus?
    1. In order to protect our community, we advise you to self-quarantine until you have been cleared by your primary care physician or the Sonoma County Department of Health Services
  2. What if I shows symptoms of respiratory infection but don’t suspect any contact with coronavirus:
    1. Stay home until you have been free of a fever for 24 hours and contact your primary care physician or the Student Health Center.
  3. What personal prevention efforts does the district encourage?
    1. You can find a full list of prevention recommendations at the Student Health Services page at this link: https://shs.santarosa.edu/corona-virus.
    2. Some recommendations include:
      1. Hand washing (for a minimum of 20 seconds)
      2. Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve
      3. Not touching your face
      4. Staying home as much as possible
      5. Avoiding travel
      6. Social distancing (no handshakes, using Zoom for meetings)
      7. If you must be in an area with other people, maintaining six feet of personal space between individuals


  1. What are SRJC’s recommendations regarding internationaltravel?
    1. We advise students doing personal travel to follow the CDC travel guidelines and to avoid travel to any country at a CDC level 3 alert or higher.
    2. Anyone who has traveled to or through a country that is under a CDC level 3 alert or higher (such as China, Italy, Iran and South Korea) is asked to self-quarantine for 14 days on their return and is required to remain away from campus during that time.
  2. What is the district’s position on traveling out-of-state?
    1. While whether or not to travel at this time is a personal decision, SRJC discourages any travel while the shelter in place order is in effect, particularly to areas with widespread incidences or ongoing community spread, such as New York and Seattle. 

    6 . Situations like this can create anxiety for many. Individuals who feel they may benefit from additional counseling may contact the following resource:

  1. Students who feel they may benefit from additional support can go to this link and may utilize the Employee Assistance Planby using company code ‘EAP can help’
  2. Students can also call Student Health Services at 707-527-4445 beginning March 30.


For more information: