SRJC’s Game Development Bootcamp begins Summer 2022

May 12, 2022, Santa Rosa, CA — For the first time, the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Computer Studies Program will be offering an accelerated bootcamp for Game Development. It joins the successful Web Development Bootcamp offering. Both programs offer an SRJC certificate and take less than 26 weeks to complete. Courses are online.
The 2022 Game Development Bootcamp starts during the summer term with a class on the history of games and an elective course, either an introduction to web development or to programming. The bootcamp covers game coding, design, engines, prototyping, play testing 3D modeling, and more.
Game development is one of the fastest-growing career paths in the world. Jobs in the field include Content Designer, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Tester, Graphics Engineer, Level Designer, Multimedia Artist, Animator, and World Designer.
The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the three leading regions worldwide for game development careers based on the number of companies and employees.
Prospective Game Development Bootcamp attendees can learn more at
“Many dozens of completers have been awarded the Web and Mobile Front-End Development certificate in the past two years of web bootcamps,” said Game Development and Web Development Program Coordinator, Ethan Wilde.

“Well,” said Web Development bootcamper, Lauren Duker Darrimon, “it turns out that I do love web development! And that’s all down to you… Your introduction was so calm, comprehensive, and inspiring. Your material is so well structured, explained, and organized.”
The 2022 Web Development Bootcamp also begins in the summer term with Web Development 1.
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