Purpose of the SRJC Style Guidelines
SRJC’s Style Guidelines are provided to help every campus and site, every department and employee, to present a consistent and professional image for SRJC. This includes but is not limited to promotional materials such as advertisements and flyers, informational websites, and communications including email and written documents. 

A consistent, unified and professional visual identity is essential in the current information and media world. SRJC’s story, in all its forms, is going out worldwide, and for the College to present our story in a compelling way, it must be consistent. 

The Style Guidelines should be used by all who produce informational and promotional materials. It will ensure that all of these materials look like they are part of the same visual family, using logos, fonts, colors consistently. 

Examples of materials addressed by the Style Guidelines include:

  • Flyers, posters, banners
  • Fact sheets
  • Reports
  • Publications such as schedules, catalogs, calendars
  • Websites for campuses, sites, departments, and clubs
  • Advertising including print and digital
  • Social media including campuses, sites, departments, clubs, advisory boards  Signs
  • Stationery
  • Business cards Promotional items and merchandise


Message from the Superintendent/President
For 100 years, Santa Rosa Junior College has provided the pathway to academic and personal success for over one million students. Our Strategic Plan describes the vision, mission, and values that make this College an extraordinary institution. 

Thanks to the high quality and dedication of our award-winning faculty and staff, students have been able to pursue bright futures. For some, that means transferring to the best four-year universities; for others, entering the work world with cutting-edge skills in their chosen careers. For the community at large, it means exploring education through lifelong learning options or participating in our vibrant culture.

The College’s dedication to quality is well-known and respected throughout the region, state and country. It is represented by our motto, “Building on a Legacy of Excellence.” That quality includes the way we express who we are to the greater community. This document presents guidelines for how to maintain quality and consistency in presenting visual elements like our logos and motto in every medium, in all situations.

These Style Guidelines are designed for everyone at the College to use for their campuses, sites, programs, and initiatives. The guidelines will evolve over time as communication technology and goals evolve, but we’ll always be committed to ensuring that the College community maintains standards of excellence. 

For our next 100 years, we must rely on standards that demonstrate how we are building on a legacy of excellence to move SRJC and our students forward into a bright future.