Spring 2022 will include both in-person and online learning and services

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September 30, 2021

Dear Colleague,

This fall semester, I have been delighted to see students and employees beginning to return to our SRJC campuses, as allowed by our current regulations. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a number of in-person classes, watching a soccer practice, and even cheering on our football team. It gives me great hope for the days ahead, even though we must continue to proceed with caution, prepare for the implementation of the vaccine requirement and continue practices like indoor masking. It is through this careful planning and these precautions that I believe we’ll be able to continue to return more in-person learning and student life activities to our campuses and sites.

Spring 2022

For spring 2022, we plan to offer both in-person classes and online learning options for students, as outlined below. Please note that these decisions are being made at this early date in order to give appropriate time to plan the instructional schedule. While we know that conditions in our county may continue to change over the coming months, the district’s decision to operate the instructional program/activities as stated below is final and will not be changed.

  • SRJC will offer both in-person classes and online learning options for students and will allow for an increase in the number of partially and fully in-person courses where safely possible given district constraints on human, financial and facilities resources.   
  • The district will utilize the contingency planning process and criteria previously negotiated between AFA and the district to develop a prioritized list of courses requiring partial or fully in-person instruction/activities for spring 2022.  All courses to be offered in spring 2022 with in-person instruction/activities will be made available as requested to the County Department of Health for review.  We will continue to work alongside faculty and staff in these areas utilizing SRJC’s negotiated health and safety protocols to protect our college community.
  • Student services will continue to offer both in-person and online services.
  • Supervisors will continue to assess the needs of on-campus work and non-instructional classified professionals and managers that are required to be on-site will be notified to that effect.
  • We are currently restricting large gatherings on campus to only those that have approval by President’s Cabinet and:
    • are directly connected to the successful completion of a class; and
    • have submitted plans for complying with safety requirements that have been approved by President’s Cabinet; and
    • occur in outdoor settings OR occur inside with 50% capacity and require attendees to wear masks and show proof of vaccination

In the meantime, thank you for your tireless dedication to our students during this time. They need our support now more than ever and I hope that by proceeding thoughtfully and by implementing the vaccine requirement, we will be able to once again come together as a community and safely enjoy the vibrant, in-person SRJC campus life that we all so love.  

We realize that we’re implementing processes that we’ve never done before and that we’re all invested in ensuring a successful return to campus. If you have any additional recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity,

President Frank Chong

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*Please note that the SRJC Plan for a Safe Return to Campus has not yet been edited to include the new vaccine requirement. Updates are in progress and will be reflected at these links soon.