SRJC Logos for Web

AREA OF ISOLATION The  SRJC logo should always be separated from its surroundings with a minimum area of isolation surrounding it. No other graphic elements should penetrate this area of isolation.
LEGIBILITY AND MINIMUM SIZE SRJC logos must remain legible. That means you should never use a logo that is smaller than the minimum size. 

FULL-COLOR LOGO USE  The logo shown is the primary full-color logo. Always use the full-color version of the logo. Use the full-color logo only on a white background or approved color.

WEB LOGO COLORS The web logo colors are slightly different from the print logo colors:Web/Email - 72 dpi for website and email use


jpeg large (1000px wide, white background) -add size clarification
jpeg medium (500px wide, white background)
jpeg small (250px wide, white background

png large (1000px wide, transparent background)
png medium (500px wide, transparent background)
png small (250px wide, transparent background)