SRJC Offers Hundreds of Courses Throughout Sonoma County and Online

August 2, 2018 – This fall, SRJC is offering over 2,800 courses to students of all ages and educational levels, from art and agriculture to wine studies and world languages. Students can take courses that will transfer easily to a four-year university, career education courses to build job skills that lead to higher pay, college preparatory classes and much more. The SRJC fall term begins on Monday, August 20.
More than 1,700 classes still have open seats. Complete information on how to apply and register, plus the course schedule, are available at Information about classes that have open sections in all SRJC locations, including online, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Southwest Santa Rosa, Shone Farm, and Public Safety Training Center, is available at
SRJC Schedule Planner,, is a popular planning tool which allows students to compare multiple class schedules for a given semester based on course preferences and commitments such as work, sports, or family schedules.
Students can delve deep into the science of our natural world with biology or environmental science classes. They can improve their writing skills in an English composition class or learn about the history of our nation in history and political science classes. Students can begin a career in hospitality management, or they can even learn a new language, including a new introductory course on Chinese. Whatever their interest, SRJC has a variety of offerings available.
Principles of Health and Wellness is available entirely online, students can join instructor Andrea Thomas for Barre Fitness in Petaluma or can sign up for one of SRJC’s many other fitness classes, including Step AerobicsAquatic Fitness or Body Conditioning.
Multimedia Journalism teaches students to use current digital technologies to tell nonfiction stories.  No technical experience is required and all equipment is provided. This class is great for anyone interested in short-form documentaries, current events, citizen journalism, advocacy, or non-fiction production in general.
Principles of Selling is a course designed to address behavioral aspects of business, including sociological and psychological consumer motivation, behavior and perception. This course is suitable for those just entering the business world and anyone who wants to improve their customer communications. 
Introduction to Theatre Management is a course designed to bring students “behind the scenes” of live theatre productions, where instructor Leslie McCauley says much of the magic occurs.
Forensics courses provide students the ability to join SRJC’s national champion speech and debate team, including participating in several weekend tournaments and the 50thannual SRJC Invitational in October.  SRJC instructor Hal Sanford says this class if perfect for anyone hoping to sharpen their minds, develop confidence and have a great time with fellow students.
SRJC also offers a variety of Adult Education courses, including free career skill development courses, all of which are part of non-credit certificates that can be earned in 22 different career skill and industry areas. These areas include beginning and intermediate computer skills, landscaping and construction, starting a small business, understanding trauma-informed relationships, personal finance and workforce development.